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Success! Return of the Ratt!
Where is the Ratt?
Where is the Ratt?
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Tail of Maltreatment
Big Splat Bock
Due to recent demands imposed by the Rattnappers, cynically posing as the Ratt himself, the offer of two bottles of Big Splat Bock as a reward for the safe return of the Ratt is hereby rescinded. And let me tell you: they were tasty.
If you want to see the incriminating evidence against one of the nefarious nabobs of napping, click here for some info, derived from one of the ransom notes!
It's not my job
Okay, it's not a rat; but it is a critter (thanks to Ken S. for pointing out that it's a marsupial, not a rodent [duh]), and the Possum King would approve. I received this photo under the heading, "not my job." Jim Hill of Bay Minette, AL, says "I first saw this photo in the Mobile Press-Register a couple of years ago.  The newspaper also cleverly printed t-shirts with the armadillo logo and the caption: 'Damn the armadilloes--full speed ahead!'" (I still think it’s a possum.) If you know of an earlier sighting of this photo, please let me know.
Bottom Bracers
A shake of the Ratt Tail to Keith Gross for this design.

Kewl Lynx

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