The Real Story of the Ratt
by lil Ratt Dude (Rodentus Polymero Distinguishus)

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It wuz so nice of all them RBP types to open up their wallets and give money to AWA, so’s I could be reunited with my friend and protector, the Ratt Boy. He wuz a generous guy, too, as he quickly whisked me off to travel some more. This time, I traveled in style! (Click on the thumbnail images for the Big Picture!)
He sent me to his friend, Mary Malmros, who took me to the West River. I had fine accommodations; she made sure I wuz safe in my blanket.
She also knew that I loved to paddle, so she took me for some sidesurfing on the West. She gave me that biner to hang onto, so’s I could stay with the boat! Then, I wuz off for some real adventure!
Mary took me to Nepal! Can you imagine? Lil ole me? I had suuuuch a good time! Look at the beautiful view I had of the Morning Mist at Packuwarghat!
I made countless friends in Nepal. Here I am with my buds at Dolalghat (left) and Packuwarghat (right).
I had fun camping and playing Frisbee in Nepal. And, oh, yeah, I enjoyed runnin’ dem rapids! Click here to see Mary and me running Meatgrinder on the Sun Kosi!
After Mary sent me back home, I had bigtime fun celebrating Halloween at the Ratt Boy’s house.
Then the Ratt Boy took me to Ohiopyle Falls. I don’t know what’s up with his goofy hat, but I can tell you I wuz squeaking “Wheeeeee!” all the way! (Photo by Marty Lamp of WVOutside. ¿Impressive work, eh?)
I saw the Cat Scan, and decided I wanted in on that fun, too! I think I bore up better under the strain than the Dummies, don’t you?

(Photos from the West and Nepal courtesy of Mary Malmros; others, except where noted, by the Ratt Boy. All rights reserved, Bucko!)

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