Meet The Dummies!
The dummies were Gumbie (1990-2007), Fred (1990-2006), and Marla (Maples, 1995-2008).
They were about as smart as toast, but they're missed and remembered fondly.
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This is Gumbie. She likes playing with the Cat Dancer (toy on a wire), Beggin fer Breakfast, and sleeping.
Here are Gumbie and Fred. It might look obscene, but hey, they’re just sleeping. Get your mind out of the gutter, will you.

Fred likes dry cat food, humping fuzzy inanimate objects (yes, he's been fixed, but we forgot to tell him; nonetheless, you gotta admire the warped persistence of someone who keeps at it, long after "it"'s gone), and sleeping.

Gumbie and Fred making friends!
This is Marla Maples, inhabiting the breadmaker. She likes eating, chewing on newspapers, and sleeping. She was a long, skinny stray when we picked her up. Making up for lost dinners, she’s turned into quite the little porko.

 Fred by the Christmas tree.
This is Bullwinkle, a baby woodchuck who found his way into our garage. With respect to such critters, Ratt believes in "catch and release."

New pictures!, Inspired by the Cat Scan!
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And here’s how the Dummies celebrated Hallowe'en!

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