Ratt Boy's Fungal Lynx
"Mycology is better than Urology!"
Randomly arranged, for now. Check back for updates and descriptions.

Gary Lincoff's Beginners' Guide
(he's the guy who wrote the Audubon book, y'know)

(with lots of stuff on Morels)

MorelHunter.com's Morel Map

Tom Volk's Fungus Pages
(a great site by an expert from Wisconsin)

Tom Volk's Fungus of the Month

(out of California, it's of interest to any amateur mycologist)

(with a very amusing mushroom-identification database app)

Dave Fischer's American Mushrooms Website
(by one of NY state's foremost shroomers)

genus Amanita Pers.
(partially academic, this site has lots of great info on one of the most important geni)

Ireland Atlas of Fungi

North American Mycological Association

NAMA-affiliated Clubs

Central New York Mycological Society

An Obligatory Psilocybin Page

Laccaria in North America
(Hosted by the Field Museum of Natural History, this one is kinda academic...and fascinating)

The WWW Virtual Library: Mycology

George Barron's Website on Fungi
(over 500 photos!, with a very entertaining focus on Slime Molds)

Kees Uljé's Coprinus Site 
(MushroomExpert.com calls it "the authoritative online treatment of this genus.")

Fungi of Poland
(707 species, over 2900 photographs--plus, an index of fungi pages or photographs on The Net)

Kathie Hodge's Cornell Mushroom Blog

Pilze, Pilze, Pilze
(A great German site; though it doesn't appear to have an English version, it has over 650 "Bilden" [pictures] and you can always goto "Pilzgalerie," which has the scientific names. We all speak Latin...¿don't we?)

FirstNature.com's Fungal Guide
(Also has stuff about bats and things.)

Boston Mycological Club

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