The AdamStazi Tour '04: Table of Contents

Thanks to the Keel-haulers Canoe Club for allowing me to use its webspace for posting all these photos. Be sure to check out the American Whitewater StreamTeam page on the Grand Canyon. And, as long as we're plugging, let's plug the Grand Canyon Private Boaters' Association, which does great work to counter the illegal policies of the National Parks Service and the politically nepotistic commercial rafting lobby.
Most importantly, a big-ol' shout out to Barry Adams, for all the work he put into this phenomenal trip!

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Days -2 through 1: Lee's Ferry and the Preceding
Day 2: House Rock Rapid and North Canyon
Day 3: The Roaring Twenties
Day 4: Vasey's Paradise and Redwall Cavern
Day 5: Saddle Canyon and Nankoweap
Day 6: Little Colorado
Day 7: Unkar
Day 9: Granite, Hermit, and Crystal
Day 10: Elvis Chasm
Day 11: Spencer, Bedrock, and Dubendon
Day 12: Thunder River and Deer Creek
Day 13: Deer Creek and Matkanawiba
Day 14: Havasu Creek
Day 15: Lava
Day 16: Rafting
Day 17: Pumpkin Springs
Day 18: The Diamond Creek Takeout and Route 66
Guide to last-minute preparations for a Grand Canyon Tripp.
The animals.
The views.