Watch as Ratt Boy Gets Trashed!
Trashing at Stuey's Hole  
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Watch how Ratt Boy celebrates his 1998 Birthday!
Butterfly Rock, Cuyahoga River Gorge, Akron / Cuyahoga Falls, OH
5.0 feet at the gage (ca. 3000 pumpin’ cfs)
To avoid the hole, you gotta come in really close to that big-ol’ rock. (That's David “Holehog” Hammond looking on from the eddy.) But you don't wanna hit the rock, or...
..or you go into the hole sideways, with no speed. And the fun begins. Did I mention that this is in January? That water be cold, man...
See if we can backender out?
What the hail was that? (A big happy shake of the Ratt Tail to Mike Narotski for the photo essay!)
Hope you liked this little bit of upendenment. Watch this space for more evidence of River Scroo-ups in the future! Click here to see the Trashing at Stuey’s Hole!