Big Sandy Creek, WV
Click here to drop back into the Ratt Hole! Click here to check out a frozen Slippery Rock!

Bunch o pics from the Sandy, all from the Spring of Y2K. Click on the thumbnails for a full-sized pic. Enjoy!

Brent Laubaugh at Zoom Flume.

David Donnellan at First Island.

Karen Petit at Wonder Falls.

Jeff Norrgard at First Island.

Troy at Wonder Falls.

Paul Lang at Big Splat.

Sovern Run Falls.

Kelly Miller at Zoom Flume.

Karen Petit at First Island.

Dave from Virginia looking to Piton on Splat Rock.

Close-up of Rob Swartwood at Wonder Falls.

Peter Turkaly plunging at Wonder Falls.

Ratt Boy at Big Splat. See the log?

Ryan Mickelson at Wonder Falls.

Matt “My Boy” Chaney at First Island.

Ryan at Wonder Falls.

Troy retrieving his boat at the top of Little Splat.

another one of Ratt Boy at Big Splat. Peter Turkaly took this excellent photo.

Ratt Boy at Wonder Falls.

The big-ol’ Log at Big Splat.

Splat in the background, Ryan in the foreground.