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Paddling-related Lynx:
American Whitewater Pages:

The New AW Home Page

AW's River Search Page

AW's Photo / Video Archive

AW's River Pages

AW's Top Ten River Pages

AW's Gauge Pages

AW's Forum

Standard Rated Rapids

Stream Team

Massage Boards:

Boater Talk

Keel-Haulers Message Board

FLOW Paddling Club Message Board

Northeast Paddlers’ Message Board

Monocacy Canoe Club Message Board

Paddling Links in Mountainbuzz  

Sierra Whitewater (

The Great RBP Photo Page

The Great RBP “Who Are We?” list

Paddling Pages in the Ratt Hole:

RattBoy’s Hall of Shame

New, through American Whitewater:
Keel-haulers Photos!
Keel-haulers Videos!
Embarrassing Photos (1)
Embarrassing Photos (2)

The AdamStazi Tour 

Child-Proof Locks

The Riviera Ratt Songbook

Scary Initiation Pics

Non-paddling Pages in the Ratt Hole:

New!! Ratt Boy's Click of the Week! (Updated 5/25/12)

Clicks of Previous Weeks

Ratt Boy in Tuckerman Ravine

RattBoy's Mushroom Lynx


Ratt Boy's Poetry Page

I owe it all to Pfizer.


Clubs and Organizations:

American Whitewater (you are a member, aren’t you?)

Keel-haulers Canoe Club

KHCC Paddling Lynx

FLOW Paddlers' Club

TRPC - Three Rivers Paddling Club

American Whitewater's Affiliate Paddling Clubs
(Conveniently arranged with a map, to hook you up with paddlers in your town)

Friends of The Cheat

West Virginia Rivers Coalition

Die Kajak Internetsite Österreichs - 2000
(It's auf Deutsch, with some great Europaddlin photos)

Personal Websites and Tripp Reports:

Chris Joosse's Big Page o' Stuff
(Some excellent writing and advice for boaters.)

Karl's Homepage
(including excellent info on modifying boats, a massage board, the Hall of MPEG Carnage!... and, of course, Karlzilla and Rattzilla!)

Pete's Whitewater Page
(Includes some kewl HTML'ing and java, and the works of some of the best whitewater writers around)

Preston's New Kayaking Page
(Lots of photos, info, and stories, mostly centered in California)

Peter Turkaly's School of Neato
(A promising noo site from a transplanted Keelhauler)

Wilko’s Whitewater Page
(Finally he gets one going! It's got his Wilko-sized Tripp Reports and a great Hall of Shame.)


Cuyahoga Gorge Access (The paddling "Special Permit" may be posted online at the MetroParks' website. If not, you'll have to call them at 330-867-5511.)

California Inflatable-Boat Carnage (and as long as you’re checking out this site, you might want to see Bill’s Waterproof Camera Table.)

Whitewater Gages
(in John Kobak’s excellent Keel-haulers Site)

Whitewater River Maps
(also in John Kobak’s excellent Keel-haulers Site)

Kathy Kempson’s Virtual Moose Tour

Personal online river guides:

ab257's Whitewater Page
(Mostly streams of Eastern PA, NJ, and Southeastern NY)

Alabama Whitewater

Boating Beta
(By Chris Bell; lots of essential info on NC/TN rivers and creeks)

Bill's Whitewater Page
(Southwest Virginia)

Tom O'Keefe's
(A paddling guidebook to Washington with a great interactive map)

California Creeks
(One of the sites that Californians really dig)

Chris Bell’s BoatingBeta
(Focusing on the Southeast)

Leland's Paddle Page
(from which I shamelessly appropriated the idea for the background images on many pages in the Ratt Hole)

Oregon Kayaking
(some uncredible runs listed here, and some excellent photography)

Non-paddling lynx:

Artist Caroline Muir (Great paintings and photos!)

Ratt Boy in Tuckerman Ravine

Ratt Boy in Tuckerman Ravine (GPS Trace from!

Cross-Country Skiing at Harriet Hollister Spencer State Recreational Area (GPS Trace and photos from!

Ratt Boy's trips at (we have 9 so far)

Ratt Links (Thanx to Yakmom Sheila Chapelle for these essential Rodentary links!)

Misheard Lyrics

Niles Ritter’s “Official” Firesign Page -- It’s Not Insane!

Timo Noko - The Professional Hobo (Thanks to Peik Borud for this link)

The Pogo Page (Thanks to Hall-o-Shamer Chris Kiehl for this link)

Stone Skipping (NASSA) (Thanks to Rick Andrews for this link)

Rocket Car Urban Legend (Geocities, the original version!)

Rocket Car Urban Legend (Wired)

Rocket Car Urban Legend (Darwin Awards)



Louie (lyrics)

Top Five

Art Criticism (why cats paint)


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