Gauley Fest Weekend, 2000

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Bunch o pics from Gauley Fest, Y2K, especially highlighting a scary pin at Initiation. Click on the thumbnails for a full-sized pic. Enjoy!

The aftermath at Initiation. The guilty party's eyes are blacked out to protect his pride.

Where you don't want to be!

The guilty party and Scott recover the boat.
Note: the bad pinning spot is not the crack in the rocks, which some people mistakenly identify as the pinning spot. It's in the middle right of the river. It doesn't look nasty from upstream...but it is. It's killed two people, and there have been many close calls. (When I have a chance, I'll get a picture from upstream, to clarify matters.)

Our Poster Boy at the bad pinning spot.
Note that there's a ledge, followed by a converging channel (arrow) with a chock-block at the end. The boat goes over the ledge, the bow or stern goes down, and the boat gets stuck in a terminal ender. Nasty, eh? This is why you don't want to surf the inviting wave ("No-No Wave") in the center of the river. It just ain't worth it, Bunky!

Scott leads Bob at Pillow.

Scott's in control, also at Pillow..

Bob's doing fine. The Room of Doom is in the background.

Cliffie's set up to catch the eddy.

Sorry, Matt! The photographer goofed.