Praise be unto the Ratt!
also aka: is this guy a threat to Dale Carnegie, or what!

Selected quotes from email,, the Keel-haulers Newsletter and elsewhere!

From: jules
Date: Feb 26 2002, 17:20
Do you ever boat? Or just nit-pick?
No, you freaking moron...

Date: Feb 26 2002, 19:55
A. you are not my friend.

Date: Feb 08 2002, 23:29
Really, most impressive how you can besmirch *my character* by claiming purity yourself. Really, that was a masterpiece of underhanded backstabbing.
(She actually does a good enough job of besmirching her own character.)

From: Jerry_Powell
Date: Feb 13 2002, 20:19
I do have a problem with hyprocrites on this board...

Date: Feb 08 2002, 18:23
I find myself irritated that I even took the 4 minutes to respond to this rubbish...

Feb 08 2002, 20:36
2. You really don't have a life, do you?

From: skink
Date: Feb 01 2002, 20:52
What the fuck do YOU know...
This time YOU don't know what you are talking about!

Date: Jan 31 2002, 19:34
Please ....
What an eloquent bunch of fluff...

From:  (Scott Weiser)
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 01:32:49 GMT
Evidently it's not at all far from you, you Netwit...because you're going to go right ahead and stick your head up your ass anyway, aren't you?...
And fuck you too, Ratso (sic), rodent....

From: syancey
Apr 04 2001
Thank you Theodore Kaczynski.  Please respond to my posts only if you can do so in a mature manner
...I really don't need your childish and pointless responses.

From: Jason-C
1/24/01 7:50 PM

I thought it was you trying to get your bone-box around the notion that no one bought your line of guano. Color me surprised.

From:  (Dave Bostock)
Date: 8 Oct 1999 07:27:53 GMT

Another sycophant of the idiot prescribes good manners, simultaneously demonstrating his complete lack of good manners.  Boorish fool, do you have a name?
(I think we all know the name of the boorish fool.)

9/30/99 9:49:26 PM
From: Gleshna

Well, in your civil tone, are you a bit of a jerk?
(Probably. We all do what we enjoy, and are good at.)
…Fuck you. … Why not step off your high horse and stop talking down and lecturing me clown. … Get some social skills.
…What an asshole, pompous statement. I will continue to express my opinion any damn time I want … Why don't you get a fucking doctorate in any area that you have an opinion in?
…You are focusing on my supposed shortcomings rather than the issues aren’t you. A denial defense in my opinion.
There is no need to talk down to me because I have a poor opinion of whitewater rafting.
(No; there are so many other good reasons!)
Deal with the issues rather than trying to slant my actions and control my behavior.
(Good point. I mean, how can I expect to control his behavior, when he can’t?)
Now fuck off.
(Now, this is a guy to take advice on social skills from, isn’t he? Parents, take note: this kind of thing can happen if you beat your kids daily and serve them dinner from a doggy-dish on the floor.)

9/27/99 10:00:01 PM
From: (Robert and Laura Grier)

Who are you anyway? I want to know who I should be avoiding if we ever hit the same turf.

Forum: Boater Talk
Date: Sep 16, 15:20
From: Tom Jones (is that your real name, Tom? It’s not unusual to insult people from behind a pseudonym…)

Anyone dumb enough to run a low head (sic) dam should not be alowed (sic) back on the river, and from what I have seen you ran one didn’t you Ratt? Those are sooooo dangerous.
If you are going to run one please don’t put it on the net and give others the wrong idea that they are okay to run, because they are not. “You know so little but speak so much”

(Hey, at least I know how to spell and punctuate…)

Forum: Boater Talk
Date: Aug 19, 1999, 13:27
From: Graeme
Get a Life!
RivieraRatt, What an idiot you are! No Seriously!

Forum: Boater Talk
Date: Aug 19, 1999, 11:00
From: Graeme
You know nothing RivieraRatt!
What planet are you from?

Author: Burntnjall <>
Date: 1999/04/14

Let me help refresh your faulty memory …
Actually, if they looked at your pic on your web page of you running that low head dam and getting worked in the hydralic (sic), they would think you were just reckless to the point of being stupid.
…You are an idiot.
…And I keep posting to make sure that people don’t think everyone is so oblivious to safety issues as you are at times.
… So, once again, I put up with the insults from about 4 or 5 of you…
… I pointed out the recklessness of what you were doing.
You and others … tried to defend your stupidity…
…when it comes to river safety you are not an infallible source.
…You continue with name calling each time you lose a point here.
…In short, you are thin skinned in the extreme.
…Your efforts to distract … by trolling and name calling simply will no longer work.

(and he signs it)

best regards,

(another from the same source, same day)

But then I also call Ratty dumb…Ratt is yet another RBP regular that is bi-polar when it comes to displaying “The Attitude”. At times he stresses safety, then he flips into mental contortion mode to justify stupid reckless acts like his running that low head dam.

(Mr. Njall, King Troll of the Leprechauns and Little Gnomes Marching Society [for you trivia buffs: he’s actually Richard Hopley, writing under an assumed name!], is truly an honored member of Ratt Boy’s fan club. A DéjàNoose search, looking for the author: “Burnt*” and the words “Ratt” and “stupid,” turned up 23 posts in a month!)

From: “TrashCompactor” <>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 05:55:02 -0500

Alright (sic), I don't know who this piece of garbage named “river rat” (sic) is. I don't know what his deal is. I don’t really care. But one thing is for sure - I have seen a few of these useless scraps of dung infest the net with their less-than-negative (??? could someone with a postgrad math degree explain “less than negative” for me?) hate and disdain for mankind and for anyone who has more than they do - which is obviously just about everyone.

The fact is, dirtbag, you are a fucking insecure moron who has nothing better to do than flame the world and its inhabitants that keeps (sic) you from being anything significant whatsoever. In other words, this worthless site you have, your worthless newsgroup remarks, your threatening and obnoxious e-mail, your fabricated statistics (which show you to be a patholigically [sic] obsessive-compulsive) - the whole schmere (sic) bungmunch - show what a pathetic loser you truly are. You don’t even show your photo Mr. Kayak Boy.

What scares me is your degradation of the gene pool and the fact that my children may have to erase your offspring to win the battle against welfare-ridden uneducated dungheaps like yourself (sic). But I doubt that a self-loathing, probably molested, Klaussen-buffer (no idea what this means; if you have a clue, please tell me.) like yourself (sic) can get a wife - even a canine one. Hey, it’s not your fault your’re stupid ratscum. You are just one more in a long line of losers that infest the US while the other 5% refuses to dignify your pathetic existence.

(Whew! Looks as though this guy gets to be appointed Prez of Ratt-Boy’s Fan Club, eh?)

Date: 98-08-12 22:18:05 EDT
Hey smartass, the last time i checked I am allowed to paddle with whom I want…So, in other words mind your own business.

From: SS & RK
Date: 1995/11
Paddling class V water does not necessarily make you a class V boater. There are plenty of class III boaters running the Gauley and Upper Yough…you have to learn…respect for the river and its hazards...

From: hard@it.dayannight
Date: 1998/06/29
…River Ratt (sic) appears to be an ass…

From: (Ken)
Date: 1998/03/10
Grow up.

“You don't know JACK.”
(Attribution not remembered)

From: (chaz)
Date: 1997/02/23
Another aol’er asshole…

From: “Dave Hanemaayer” (
Date: Thu, Jul 16, 1998 12:21 EDT
Go ahead and make a supeficial (sic) play on my words Rodent if it makes you feel INTELLIGENT and “LOOK” smarter on this newsgroup.

From: (Mygirl Sux)
Date: 1997/12/14
…since a pervert like you is posting this, why don’t you give some pointers to some of the more depraved kayakers out there on how to molest children. Someone with your cheap shot mentality should be good at that sort of thing. Have a good day, asshole.

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